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Category: Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone – Low T

The decline in serum testosterone levels begins in the twenties and proceeds at varying rates among individual men. With this decline are the accompanying declines in sexual function, red blood cell production, muscle mass, bone growth, mood and cognition. There is a corresponding increase in adipose production. That is a decrease in muscle and an increase in fat!

Clinical symptoms of low T are erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, decrease in muscle mass, decrease in energy level and decreased mood. One sees an increase specifically in the belly fat of men.

Serum Testosterone levels are drawn, preferably in the morning, to confirm the diagnosis. Treatment currently is with gels, transdermal patches and injections. We utilize all three, but mostly the injection, primarily due to considerations of costs and dosage accuracy.

Patients need careful ongoing monitoring for prostatism, exasperation of sleep deprivation and polycythemia.  After one year of we are happy with the results of our testosterone replacement program. We invite patients who experience these symptoms to visit us for screening.

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