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Imigration Physical Examination

Since the immigration Act of 1986 our office has been providing these services. This involves a medical examination by our doctors with the required history and physical screening to satisfy all INS criteria. Serology (blood) is drawn and the PPD skin test, which screens for tuberculosis, is applied. Two days later, if the skin test shows positive, a chest x-ray is performed on site at the follow up visit (there is no charge at our office for the x-ray). Verification of vaccination status is completed and vaccinations are brought up to date to current INS requirements. Amigo has all needed immunizations in inventory. We were informed in 2013 that they would no longer be issued by Public Health.

They are costly but you cannot be processed by INS for immigration without written documentation of immunizations. Appropriate INS forms are sealed in their envelopes and provided to applicants to continue their immigration process. From 1986 through present we have continued to comfortably perform these services. Both Dr David E Monahan and Dr Daisy Damasco-Gutierrez are registered Civil Surgeons and listed under Amigo Medical Group for Immigration Physicals.

“The New Colossus”

By Emma Lazarus, 1883

” Give me your tired, your poor
       your huddled masses yearning
       to breath free”

– Emma Lazarus

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