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Insurance has been in the news lately with the coming of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Currently we accept all major private insurances, Medicare and TriCare. Among the private insurances we have found Blue Cross to be the best. In the past year (2013) United and Aetna have withdrawn from the private individual insurance in California. If you have these insurances you will be covered by your workplace. The other insurance companies include Blue Shield, Cigna, UFCW, Fireman’s Fund, Federal Insurance, and many others. These are all acceptable insurances. Before you sign up for an insurance make sure that Dr. Daisy Damasco- Gutierrez or Dr. David E. Monahan are listed as panel members.

If you have any questions regarding insurance please call Marva at 619-427-5053.

Another trend is that many insurance plans are increasing deductibles, co-insurance and copays. This is to reduce the monthly premium you will have to pay, but if you have a deductible you will have to pay more at the beginning of the year. At your first visit we will require a deposit to cover these expenses. It will be returned if not used. If your insurance has a Health Savings Plan, use it, as this will allow you to save money in years of good health to use in times when you are sick.

As Primary Care Physicians we are the front line of medical care. We can even handle minor emergencies such as cuts or fractures and keep you out of busy and expensive emergency rooms. If you need specialist or hospital care we can arrange and direct your care in the most efficient manner. Persons with symptoms of Stroke or Heart Attack should call 911. After you are at the hospital they will ask you for your primary care doctor. If you give our name we can help direct your care. If you choose Dr. Daisy Damasco-Gutierrez or Dr. David E. Monahan, we will be the first doctors you will see and in most cases we can do the needed x-rays and lab at Amigo. For more complex lab, we draw the blood at Amigo and the lab collects it daily for processing. We try to keep your costs down as unnecessary tests will be averted. If your illness requires further tests or specialist care we will, with your input, request the referral from your insurance. It is in your best interest to have a Primary Care Doctor to co-ordinate your care. It is popular now to call this your Medical Home. We feel that we have been the Medical Home for thousands of patients over the past 36 years.

As we speak there is a big move to Electronic Medical Records. We have incorporated some aspects of EMRs into our practice and we are looking into other areas we believe to be beneficial. We have had electronic prescriptions for many years and we are adding laboratory results soon. We see benefits of electronic lab to easily spot trends and allow patients faster access to their own lab results. The electronic prescriptions keep the exact dose and medications and help to avert errors.

We accept cash patients and do a lot of cash physicals such as DMV, Immigration, Maritime and Diplomatic. Our cash patients also include Travel, uninsured, and HMO patients of other systems. Walk in patients are also welcome. Our office hours are 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday with Doctor Appointments 8:30am to 5pm. After 6pm a live Answering Service will pick up phone calls to our office number (619 427 5053) and connect you to one of our doctors if you have a medical emergency. We are located in Terra Nova Plaza at 386 East H Street Suite 210 in the City of Chula Vista, just east of Freeway 805. If you exit H Street East, it is a right turn at the signal into Terra Nova Plaza. AMIGO is in the South East corner by the Clock Tower. We look forward to meeting you and providing your medical care for many years.

Amigo Medical next to Clock Tower

Dr. David Monahan applying cast

Dr. Daisy Damasco-Gutierrez going over x-ray
with patient with wrist injury

Dr. David Monahan with sick child

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