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Workers Comp – Commercial Driver Exam – May 21, 2014

Starting May 21,2014 the Department of Transportation requires all commercial drivers renewing their licenses to be examined by a Medical Examiner who has undergone a comprehensive training program and passed an examination which gives each an independent federally issued ID number. This process is both expensive and time consuming and it is projected that only a small number of medical examiners will opt to participate in the program. All Amigo providers will be available during regular office hours

Dr. David Monahan has an extensive experience in the areas of medicine encompassing Workers Comp. As a straight surgery intern at Los Angeles County – USC General Hospital he encountered a massive amount of trauma experience. Areas of expertise which are particularly applicable are Orthopedics (fractures and spine injuries), Ophthalmology (eye injuries) ENT ( ear injuries, hearing trauma and facial wounds which include Plastic Surgery for lacerations and Burn Care).

He completed an Intensive Residency in Occupational Medicine at the University of California San Francisco and thoroughly understands Workers Comp Laws as they pertain to treatment, rehabilitation, drug testing and safety issues.

We do a variety of pre-employment physicals. They can include drug testing; respirator clearance via spirometry; audiograms; and chest and back x-rays. We visit job sites to get a better understanding of light duty possibilities in order to enable workers to return to the job as quickly as safety allows. We work closely with employers and insurance claims representatives and prepare DR’s First Reports immediately. Timely updates on injured workers are completed by our doctors and staff. Our 25 years experience has included agriculture, shipping, fabric manufacturing, restaurants, hotels, automotive repair, steel fabrication, healthcare (hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices), transportation (vans and trucks), marine construction, toxic waste disposal, landscaping, construction, retail sales, banking, utilities, and many other industries.

On site x-ray, casting facilities, laceration repair, physical therapy, slit lamp for treatment of eye injuries are only some of the features of our clinic to diagnose and begin treatment of an injured worker immediately. We work closely with the local Hospital Emergency Room doctors for more extensive injuries or after hour care. We are available by phone 24 hours a day.

Our bilingual staff is essential in communicating with many of the workers we see.


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Dr. Monahan with W/C Patient with a Laceration. Dr. Gutierrez with W/C patient with a Sprained Wrist.

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